All AHA Campers have 3 unique features in common:

  1. All AHA-Campers fit on Double-cabs, extra-cabs, Single-cabs, on the AHA trailer, and can be offloaded to stand on its own legs for camping and/or storage
  2. All AHA-campers take only a few seconds to setup from drive-mode to stay-mode, and visa-versa.
  3. All AHA-campers can be bought in stages. Start with basic and add modules as required or as can be afforded.

With our new AHA Capsule range we took all the good of our previous ranges to a new level. Our AHA capsule range consist of capsules that give you a 101 options. You start with the AHA capsule-canopy, which can be use as a canopy, but it form the basis for all 101 options.

Features of the AHA-capsule canopy.

  1. Aluminum canopy
  2. Powder coated canopy
  3. Removable roof.
  4. Encapsulated. Mounted on slide-on frame on vehicle floor. Not fitted on load bay sides.
  5. When removed from vehicle it can be used as storage capsule.
  6. Lightweight canopy
  7. First step to 101 options.
  8. Tailor made CAD designed for you vehicle.

Capsules that can be added to the AHA Canopy in almost any combination to eventually be a complete motor home with unbelievable space and accommodation for 6 or more.

  1. Kitchen capsule. With several options,
  2. Electrical capsule, with several options within.
  3. Water capsule with tank, pump and plumbing
  4. Gas capsule with geyser and stove
  5. ROOM-TOP capsule with double bed and sun reflecting roof.
  6. AHA-VLERK (wing) with wall (shade net) attachments
  7. Tent under vlerk
  8. Clothing capsules
  9. Double floor capsule.
  10. Hunting capsule
  11. Staff transport Capsule.