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April 2019. The AHA-15-slide-on lightweight camper is the most affordable and only slide-on camper in the world with the following features all in one unit. (On double cabs, x-cabs, single cabs, AHA-trailer)

  1. Open/close in 15 seconds. (Small on your way, big when you stay)
  2. Complete inside double bedroom. (bed always stay made)
  3. Complete inside bathroom (Shower, toilet, wash basin) hot/cold water.
  4. Living room inside. (table with inside seating)
  5. Independent (water, electricity, gas)
  6. Light-weight. (aluminium, build for 4x4 off.- and on- road)
  7. Slide on-off. From vehicle in 5 minutes by 1 person.
  8. Accommodation on- and off.- vehicle.
  9. Clip-on AHA-WING. Can sleep UP to 8 people.
  10. Back Swing storage. (spare wheel, jerry cans, wood, etc.)
  11. You can purchase empty unit, and add features as required.
  12. tel 012 8046111